Can I sell my online course on Udemy?

Can I sell my online course on Udemy?

If you’re an expert in a particular field or possess knowledge that you believe others could benefit from, creating and selling an online course is a fantastic way to share your expertise. One of the most popular platforms for selling online courses is Udemy. Let’s explore how you can leverage Udemy to sell your course and reach a global audience.

Becoming a Udemy Instructor

The first step in selling your online course on Udemy is becoming a Udemy instructor. Signing up as an instructor on Udemy is relatively straightforward. You can create an instructor account on their website, where you’ll find resources and guidelines to help you get started.

Course Creation Process

Once you’re an approved instructor, you can start creating your online course. Udemy provides comprehensive tools and resources to assist you in developing high-quality courses. From structuring your content to recording video lectures and creating supplementary materials, Udemy’s guidelines aim to help you create engaging and informative courses that meet their quality standards.

Course Review and Approval

After completing your course, you’ll need to submit it to Udemy for review. Udemy has specific quality criteria that cover various aspects such as video and audio quality, content relevance, and compliance with their policies. If your course meets these standards, it will be approved for publishing on the Udemy platform.

Pricing and Revenue Share

Udemy allows instructors to set the pricing for their courses. You have the flexibility to choose the price that you believe reflects the value of your course. Additionally, Udemy frequently runs promotional discounts, although they recommend instructors to set their base price reasonably.

Regarding revenue share, Udemy operates on a revenue-sharing model. Instructors typically receive a percentage of the course sale price, with Udemy taking a percentage as well. The exact revenue share depends on how the student finds the course—either through an organic search on Udemy or through an instructor coupon.

Marketing Your Course

While Udemy provides a platform for hosting and selling your course, successful marketing plays a crucial role in attracting students. Instructors can utilize various marketing strategies, including social media promotion, email marketing, and creating engaging course descriptions and promotional videos within the Udemy platform itself.


In conclusion, Udemy offers a vast opportunity for individuals passionate about sharing their knowledge to a global audience. By becoming a Udemy instructor, creating a high-quality course, adhering to their guidelines, and engaging in effective marketing, you can sell your online course on Udemy and potentially reach a wide and diverse student base.

Udemy’s platform empowers instructors to showcase their expertise, offering a robust infrastructure for course creation, sales, and distribution. With dedication and a commitment to delivering valuable content, Udemy provides a gateway to monetizing your knowledge and skills while making a positive impact on eager learners worldwide.


How do I become an instructor on Udemy and start selling courses?

You can sign up as an instructor on Udemy’s platform by creating an instructor account. Once approved, you can begin creating and selling your courses.

Are there any specific requirements to become a Udemy instructor?

Udemy encourages instructors with expertise and passion in a particular subject to join. There are no stringent academic qualifications, but instructors should possess knowledge and expertise in their chosen topic.

What subjects or topics can I teach on Udemy?

Udemy covers a wide range of subjects, from technology and business to arts, health, and lifestyle. As an instructor, you have the flexibility to teach subjects you are knowledgeable about and passionate about.

How does Udemy review and approve courses?

Udemy has specific quality guidelines for course content, including video and audio quality, relevance, and compliance with their policies. Courses undergo review before approval for publication.

Can I set the price for my course on Udemy?

Yes, Udemy allows instructors to set the price for their courses. Instructors have the flexibility to decide the pricing, keeping in mind Udemy’s recommendations and promotional strategies.

How much revenue do instructors earn from course sales on Udemy?

Udemy operates on a revenue-sharing model. Instructors typically receive a percentage of the course sale price, with Udemy taking a percentage as well. The exact share depends on various factors.

What marketing strategies can I use to promote my course on Udemy?

Instructors can employ various marketing tactics such as creating compelling course descriptions, utilizing Udemy’s promotional tools, leveraging social media, and engaging with potential students through targeted campaigns.

Are there any restrictions on the content I can include in my Udemy course?

Udemy has content guidelines and policies that instructors must adhere to. Content should be accurate, lawful, and in line with Udemy’s standards regarding appropriate educational material.

Can I sell the same course on other platforms if it’s already on Udemy?

Udemy has a non-exclusive license, which means you can sell your course on other platforms simultaneously. However, certain restrictions may apply, so it’s essential to review Udemy’s terms.

What support does Udemy offer instructors for creating and selling courses?

Udemy provides resources, guidelines, and a support system for instructors. They offer insights into course creation, marketing tips, and a community forum to connect with other instructors for advice and support.

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