Can I download Udemy videos?

Can I Download Udemy Videos?

Udemy, renowned for its vast array of online courses covering diverse subjects, is a platform many learners turn to for expanding their knowledge. However, a common query among users is whether they can download Udemy videos for offline viewing. The succinct answer to this question is: It’s not officially supported by Udemy.

Official Standpoint

Udemy, in adherence to its terms of service, does not provide a built-in feature allowing users to download course videos directly from the platform. Unless instructors have explicitly enabled the download option for their content, users typically cannot download videos for offline use.

Reasons Behind Download Restrictions

Udemy’s stance on preventing video downloads is multifaceted. Primarily, it safeguards instructors’ intellectual property rights, preventing unauthorized distribution or misuse of their content. This control over content distribution also helps maintain the integrity of the platform’s revenue model, which relies on course subscriptions and sales.

Third-Party Tools: A Gray Area

While Udemy doesn’t endorse or permit video downloads, some third-party tools or browser extensions claim to enable this functionality. However, using such methods might breach Udemy’s terms of service and infringe upon copyright regulations. It’s essential to understand the legal implications and potential risks associated with using unauthorized means to download Udemy videos.

Alternatives for Offline Learning

Though direct downloading isn’t available, Udemy offers an official mobile app where users can access courses offline. Once enrolled in a course, learners can download lectures within the app for offline viewing. However, this feature is subject to individual instructors allowing downloads for their content.

Additionally, some courses might include supplementary materials, such as PDFs, quizzes, or code files, which can be downloaded legally and used offline to complement the video lectures.


While the direct downloading of Udemy videos is not officially supported, the platform offers alternative methods for offline learning, such as the mobile app’s download feature and access to supplementary course materials. It’s crucial for users to respect Udemy’s terms of service and copyright policies to maintain ethical and legal standards while using the platform.

Remember, for specific concerns or inquiries regarding downloading Udemy content, it’s advisable to seek clarification directly from Udemy’s support channels to ensure compliance with their policies.


1. Can I directly download Udemy videos from the website?

No, Udemy does not provide an official feature to download videos directly from the website unless instructors have enabled this option for their course content.

2. Are there any alternatives for accessing Udemy courses offline?

Yes, Udemy offers an official mobile app where enrolled users can download course lectures for offline viewing, provided the instructor has permitted downloads for their content.

3. Is using third-party tools to download Udemy videos permissible?

No, utilizing third-party tools or browser extensions to download Udemy videos might violate the platform’s terms of service and potentially infringe upon copyright regulations.

4. Why doesn’t Udemy allow direct video downloads?

Udemy’s policy of restricting video downloads primarily safeguards instructors’ intellectual property rights and supports the platform’s revenue model, maintaining content integrity.

5. Can I access course materials other than videos for offline use on Udemy?

Yes, besides videos, Udemy often provides supplementary materials such as PDFs, quizzes, and code files that can be legally downloaded and used offline.

6. Do all instructors on Udemy permit downloading of their course videos?

No, enabling video downloads is at the discretion of individual instructors. Not all courses offer the option to download lectures for offline viewing.

7. Are there any consequences for violating Udemy’s policy by downloading videos?

Using unauthorized means to download Udemy videos might result in breaching the platform’s terms of service, potentially leading to account suspension or legal repercussions.

8. How can I legally access Udemy courses offline?

Udemy’s mobile app allows users to download course videos for offline viewing if the instructor has enabled this feature. Additionally, users can access downloadable supplementary materials within the course.

9. Can I view Udemy courses without an internet connection?

Yes, if you’ve downloaded course lectures through the Udemy mobile app, you can view them offline. However, internet access is necessary to initially download the content.

10. Is it advisable to contact Udemy support for clarification on downloading course videos?

Yes, if you have specific concerns or inquiries regarding downloading Udemy content, it’s recommended to directly contact Udemy’s support for accurate guidance and compliance with their policies.

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