Can I watch Udemy courses offline?

Can I watch Udemy courses offline?

In the realm of online education, accessibility to course materials without an internet connection is a crucial aspect for many learners. Udemy, a popular platform for online courses, offers a mobile app feature that allows users to watch course content offline. Let’s delve into this further to understand how you can access Udemy courses offline.

Udemy’s Mobile App: Enabling Offline Viewing

Downloading Courses for Offline Access

Udemy’s mobile app presents users with the convenience of downloading course lectures and supplementary materials, facilitating offline learning opportunities.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Get the Udemy Mobile App: Download and install the Udemy mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to Your Account: Log in to your Udemy account using the app.
  3. Select Courses for Offline Viewing: Within the app, navigate to the desired course and find the “Download” or “Download lecture” option.
  4. Choose Content to Download: Select the specific lectures or the entire course content you want to access offline.
  5. Accessing Offline Content: Once downloaded, find the course in the “My Courses” section of the app, enabling you to study without an internet connection.

Factors to Consider for Offline Learning on Udemy

Download Limitations:

Not all Udemy courses offer full offline access. Some instructors may restrict or limit the downloadable content for their courses, which can affect offline viewing options.

Expiration of Downloads:

Downloaded course content typically comes with an expiration period. After a certain duration, the app may require an internet connection to re-verify the course’s validity.

Benefits of Offline Viewing on Udemy

Flexibility and Convenience:

Offline access to Udemy courses allows flexibility in learning, enabling users to study at their own pace and convenience, regardless of internet availability.

Efficient Learning:

Accessing courses offline reduces dependency on internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted learning even in areas with limited or no internet access.


Udemy’s mobile app feature for offline viewing empowers learners by providing flexibility and convenience in accessing course materials. This feature allows users to download course lectures and study offline, overcoming barriers posed by internet connectivity.

While Udemy’s offline viewing option enhances accessibility, it’s essential to note that not all courses offer full offline access, and downloaded content may have expiration limitations. However, this feature remains a valuable asset for learners seeking flexibility in their online learning journey.

Please note that platform features and functionalities might have been updated since this information was last gathered. For the most current and accurate details regarding Udemy’s offline viewing options, consider checking the Udemy Help Center or contacting their support.


1. “How can I access Udemy courses offline?”

Utilize the Udemy mobile app to download course content for offline access. Simply select the desired course, download lectures, and access them without an internet connection.

2. “Are all Udemy courses available for offline viewing?”

Not all courses offer full offline access. Some instructors may limit the downloadable content, affecting the availability of offline viewing options.

3. “Can I download entire courses for offline access?”

Yes, Udemy allows users to download entire courses or specific lectures within a course for offline viewing through the mobile app.

4. “Is there a time limit for accessing downloaded Udemy course content offline?”

Downloaded course content typically comes with an expiration period. After this duration, re-verification through an internet connection may be necessary.

5. “Do I need an internet connection to start watching downloaded Udemy courses?”

Once downloaded, you can access the downloaded content without an internet connection after the initial verification process.

6. “Can I download Udemy courses on both iOS and Android devices?”

Yes, the Udemy mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, enabling users of both platforms to download courses for offline viewing.

7. “Are there any limitations or restrictions in offline course access?”

Some instructors might limit the amount of content available for offline access. Additionally, certain interactive features may not be available offline.

8. “Can I download courses using mobile data or only on Wi-Fi?”

Udemy allows downloading courses using both mobile data and Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi is often recommended for larger downloads to save data usage.

9. “Do downloaded Udemy courses occupy a lot of storage space on my device?”

The storage space required for downloaded courses varies based on the content length and quality. Users can manage downloaded content within the app.

10. “Can I download Udemy courses on a computer or laptop for offline viewing?”

Currently, the offline viewing feature is primarily available through the Udemy mobile app and isn’t directly supported on computers or laptops.

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