Can I make money on Udemy?

Can I make money on Udemy?

Udemy, a prominent online learning platform, offers an opportunity for individuals to monetize their expertise by creating and selling courses. But can you really make money on Udemy? Let’s explore this in detail.

Understanding Udemy’s Revenue Model

Course Creation and Publication:

Udemy allows instructors to create and publish courses on various subjects. The platform provides tools and guidelines to assist in developing engaging course content.

Revenue Sharing:

Instructors earn revenue by selling their courses on Udemy. The platform operates on a revenue-sharing model, where instructors typically receive a percentage of the course sales.

Earning Potential and Considerations

Course Pricing and Sales:

Instructors have control over pricing their courses. However, Udemy often runs promotions and discounts, impacting the revenue received per sale. Effective pricing strategies can influence earnings.

Marketing and Promotion:

Successful course sales often depend on effective marketing efforts. Instructors can utilize Udemy’s marketing tools and also engage in self-promotion to attract students to their courses.

Quality and Competition:

High-quality course content is essential for attracting and retaining students. Competition among courses and instructors on Udemy is considerable, affecting the course’s visibility and potential earnings.

Factors Impacting Success

Content Quality:

Creating engaging and valuable content that meets the needs of your target audience is crucial for course success.

Marketing Strategies:

Implementing effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and engage potential students can significantly impact course sales.

Student Engagement:

Positive reviews, ratings, and engaging with students’ queries can enhance the credibility of the course and attract more learners.

Considerations for Prospective Instructors

Platform’s Service Fee:

Udemy charges a service fee for each course sale, affecting the overall revenue earned by instructors.

Success isn’t Guaranteed:

While Udemy offers an avenue for potential earnings, success isn’t guaranteed. The competitiveness and changing dynamics of the platform can impact an instructor’s success.


Creating and selling courses on Udemy can be a viable source of income for individuals with expertise in specific subjects. However, success on the platform requires dedication, quality content creation, effective marketing strategies, and continuous engagement with the audience.

While making money on Udemy is feasible, it’s essential for prospective instructors to understand the platform’s revenue-sharing model, the impact of marketing efforts, and the importance of high-quality course content in attracting and retaining students. Success often depends on the uniqueness, value, and marketability of the course offered.


1. “How can I earn money on Udemy?”

You can generate income on Udemy by creating and selling online courses on topics you are knowledgeable about or passionate about teaching.

2. “What percentage of course sales do Udemy instructors typically receive?”

Udemy instructors usually earn a percentage of the course sales, but the exact revenue share can vary based on factors such as how the student was brought to the course (e.g., organic search, instructor coupon, Udemy organic).

3. “Is it possible to set my own course prices on Udemy?”

Yes, instructors have control over pricing their courses within certain parameters. However, Udemy often runs promotions and discounts that can affect the revenue per sale.

4. “How important is course quality in making money on Udemy?”

High-quality course content is crucial for attracting and retaining students. Engaging, valuable content significantly impacts the success and earnings potential of a course.

5. “What role does marketing play in earning income on Udemy?”

Effective marketing strategies are essential for increasing course visibility and attracting students. Utilizing Udemy’s marketing tools and engaging in self-promotion can positively impact course sales.

6. “Are certificates important for generating income on Udemy?”

While certificates might add value, focusing on providing valuable content and effective marketing strategies often plays a more significant role in attracting students and generating income.

7. “Can I make money quickly on Udemy?”

Earning money on Udemy typically requires time and effort. Success depends on various factors, including course quality, marketing efforts, and competition.

8. “Are there any additional fees for instructors on Udemy?”

Udemy charges a service fee for each course sale, impacting the overall revenue earned by instructors.

9. “What impact do positive reviews and ratings have on earnings?”

Positive reviews and ratings can significantly enhance the credibility of a course, attract more students, and positively influence course sales and earnings.

10. “Is making money on Udemy guaranteed?”

While Udemy offers income-generating possibilities, success is not guaranteed. It depends on factors such as course quality, marketing strategies, and the competitiveness of the platform.

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